CTP/OSCE Prep – Wrapping Up Our Prep

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CTP/OSCE Prep Conclusion

At this point we have touched on all of the topics I wanted to cover before my exam. We covered:

  • alphanumeric shellcoding,
  • egghunters,
  • SEH overwrites,
  • partial overwrites,
  • stuffing shellcode into memory separate from crash payload, and
  • fuzzing.

For completeness, I’m going to include all of the references I found useful and also some resources for some topics we didn’t cover such as:

  • backdooring PEs,
  • bypassing AV, and
  • socket reuse.

Hopefully this series is helpful to a CTP/OSCE student some day! It’s now exam-prep crunch time so I will be relatively quiet. Looking forward to posting a review for the course after I’m finished and continuing down the exploit dev path for the forseeable future. Thanks for reading along!


SEH Overwrite Resources

Egghunter Resources

Fuzzing Resources

Alphanumeric Encoding Resources

Hex Encoded Characters

Net Jumping

Partial Overwrites/Application Memory

Backdooring PEs/Bypassing AV

Socket Reuse

ExploitDB Recreations


Exploit Skeletons



Prep Guides


Huge thanks to everyone who published/publishes all of this amazing free content on entry-level exploit dev topics. I would be lost without all of your hard work. I truly appreciate it!