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Making Gnome Terminal Look Like XTerm

1 minute read

DISCLAIMER: I spent about 2 hours of pasting stuff from Stack Overflow into my terminal before this, so if this doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry.

Creating Win32 ROP Chains

36 minute read

Introduction Continuing with the Windows exploit development our next stop is learning how to craft ROP chains. In the context of this blogpost we will be us...

Win32 Reverse Shell Shellcode

19 minute read

Introduction After creating some basic shellcode where we popped calc.exe and figured out at least one method to dynamically find the address of DLLs and the...

Baby’s First Win32 Shellcode Part 2

8 minute read

Overview Picking up where we left off in the last post, we’re going to add an exit routine to our shellcode so that it exits gracefully and does not crash. W...

Baby’s First Win32 Shellcode

8 minute read

Win32 Shellcode Earnestly starting my Windows exploitation journey and figured a good way to get familiar with some aspects of WinAPIs would be to create som...